Dan began drawing cartoons in December of 1989. He draws and eats left-handed. He plays ping pong and pool left-handed. He throws, kicks and bats right-handed. He cuts and runs with scissors right-handed. Dan is what handedness experts call ambi-lateral. No, not ambidexturous, but ambi-lateral. Why is this important? I have no idea, but everything has a reason even if we don't know what that reason is....so, too, with REYNOLDS UNWRAPPED.

Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get, but you will like most of them and they'll keep you coming back. Unlike chocolates, REYNOLDS UNWRAPPED cartoons are not fattening.

Dan's cartoons are seen by millions of readers across the US, Canada and points beyond all the way down under in Australia. His work is seen in every issue of Reader's Digest (where he is known for his cow, pig and chicken cartoons), on greetings cards everywhere, and in REYNOLDS UNWRAPPED book collections: Birthday Bash!, Christmas Meltdown, Now They All have Window Seats, and How Aging Affects Belt Height (with a foreword from the then oldest man in the world).

His cartoons have appeared on HBO's, The Sopranos, the cover of a National Lampoon cartoon book collection and on greeting cards all throughout the United States. His work also appears in many other places as well.

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